Tuesday, December 17
9:57 am – To the 4400 block of Dayton Rd. on a report of theft.  A man called to report that his mail-order prescriptions had been stolen.  The man, who lives alone, told deputies that the mail carrier had given the medications to a blonde woman on his porch, even though the mail carrier knows him, and knows that proper identification must be presented before the meds can be delivered. Upon contacting the postal service, it was found that the woman who took the package signed her name on the delivery slip as K. Smith. The man was upset that the postal service did not follow the correct protocol in delivering his medications, as he said the package was addressed to him, yet the carrier gave the package to an unknown female. Deputies were working on trying to obtain a copy of the delivery slip for their investigation.
11:45 am – To the 5300 block of Hunter Rd. on an anonymous tip that two men had broken into the home there while the homeowner was on vacation.  Deputies found no fresh footprints or tire tracks on the property, but did find that one of the rear doors to the residence was standing open. There appeared to be no sign of forced entry, but two of the rooms inside the home were in disarray. The deputy did not know at the time of report whether or not this was a robbery.

Wednesday, December 18
7:56 am – To the 3900 block of New York Dr. for items being stolen from a vehicle overnight. He said that $20 in change had been stolen, along with a 100-foot extension cord, a hammer drill, and a pack of cigarettes. He said that the vehicle was unlocked.
7:57 am – To the 3800 block of Marion Dr. on a report of a theft of a car.  The caller told deputies that a beige 2004 Chevy Cavalier was stolen from her driveway overnight, and that she had no suspects in mind. The vehicle’s registration was obtained to assist with the investigation.
9:36 am – To the 6700 block of New Horizon on a report of theft from two unlocked vehicles. The man reported that his vehicle, which had been parked in his driveway, had been ransacked overnight, with a Tom-Tom GPS unit stolen from it. The man’s son-in-law, whose car was parked at the curb, was also ransacked, with the stereo system being stolen from that vehicle.
11:28 am – To Dayton Rd. at Stine Rd. for a traffic crash.  One vehicle was sitting at the stoplight at Dayton and Stine Roads when another vehicle, travelling from behind, did not see the stopped vehicle, and crashed into the back of it, causing damage to both vehicles.
11:50 am – To the 8000 block of Dayton-Springfield Rd. on a vehicle fire. The driver said she had pulled into a driveway and noticed smoke coming from the hood of her vehicle.  A passer-by told her that the vehicle was on fire as she got out.  Crews from Mad River Township extinguished the fire, which was fully-involved by the time they arrived.
12:50 pm – To the 6600 block of New Horizon for more thefts from vehicles. The caller stated that the unknown suspect or suspects entered two of his unlocked vehicles and took approximately $15 total out of them.  He stated nothing else was missing except the money. While deputies investigated, they found a grey “plan-ahead” binder in the front yard of the residence, which did not belong to the homeowner. It was processed as a found item, and placed into storage at the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.
5:00 pm – To Rebert Pk. for a report of a man’s “change in mental status.” When deputies arrived, they found the man’s speech to be extremely rapid and found his eyes to be fully-dilated although he was in a fully-lit room. Deputies asked the man who the president was, and he answered that Obama was president. Deputies asked him what date it was, and he said it was the 11 or 12.  He also told deputies that he was seeing people in the basement and across the room. He said that he had slept just a few minutes prior to deputies’ arrival, but his family members said that he had not slept in the past few days. He willingly went to the hospital to be evaluated by doctors, as his family said he did not suffer from any mental disorders.
6;20 pm – To Jim Miller Furniture in reference to telecommunications harassment.  The owner told deputies that he had fired an employee on that date because the employee uses alcohol and would show up late to work or not show up at all. The former employee then called the owner and told him that his house was on fire. When deputies made contact with the former employee, they could tell he was under the influence, and told him not to contact his former employer anymore.

Thursday, December 19
7:42 pm – To the 4500 block of Cynthia Dr. for a domestic dispute. A woman reported that her daughter showed up unannounced at her home and became upset that she couldn’t use her mother’s iPad. The caller has emergency custody of her daughter’s infant because her daughter was involved in a domestic dispute in Greene County. The woman said that her daughter became so upset over the iPad that she attempted to break her baby’s walker, and when her mother took it from her, the daughter pushed her mother into the Christmas Tree. No injuries were reported, and the daughter left the residence.

Friday, December 20
2:01 pm – To Dayspring Health Center on a report of telecommunications harassment. The caller, described as a male with a strong foreign accent, called the business several thousand times, saying that a former employee at Dayspring owed his company some money.  The administrator repeatedly told the caller to stop calling, but he kept calling, even after he had been told law enforcement had been contacted. While deputies were on-scene, he called again, and deputies very clearly told him to stop calling because the woman no longer worked there. The man refused to stop calling the business, apparently using several different phones, as the calls came rapidly in succession. Deputies advised Dayspring to contact their phone provider and attempt to block the number.

Saturday, December 21
8:55 pm – To Hagan Rd., where two trucks had become stuck in the mud. The owners of both trucks were contacted, and said that they had been “just being stupid” and had been out “mudding” when their trucks got stuck. Both trucks were towed by a friend, and they were both charged with reckless operation and ordered into court.