Saturday, January 4

6:03 pm – To Enon Road at Main Street on a traffic stop. The officer noticed a car barely stop in time at a red light, and then noticed the car swerving. A stop was conducted, and the officer asked if he could search the vehicle. The driver complied, and a passenger was searched, and found to be in possession of one narcotic pill he used for chronic back pain. He was cited.

Monday, January 6

9:06 pm – To Speedway on a report of possible drug activity taking place in the parking lot inside a car. An Enon officer and a Clark County Sheriff’s Deputy responded, and found a strong odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle. A wooden smoking device was found, as well as a bottle of alcohol. One of the occupants claimed responsibility for the contraband, and was cited.

10:46 pm – To E. Main at Southview after two people at the Speedway station called to report a highly intoxicated couple stumbling around inside the store trying to take gift cards, then arguing outside in the parking lot. The callers both said the couple got into a blue Pontiac and drove away, stating the driver should not be behind the wheel. The officer located the vehicle driving in front of the Enon Police Department without a working license plate light. The officer initiated a traffic stop, but the driver continued for a quarter of a mile before abruptly stopping in front of a driveway. Approaching the vehicle, the officer was not able to see inside due to heavy frost on the windows, so he asked the driver to open the door. The officer recognized the driver, having pulled him over recently for driving under suspension. The driver appeared to be heavily intoxicated, barely able to open his eyes or comply with the officer’s request. The officer placed the man in the back of the cruiser due to the negative 40 wind chills, and asked what the driver had consumed to make him so intoxicated. The driver said he had a sip of whatever his girlfriend was drinking. The driver was taken to the Enon Police Department to be given a field sobriety test because of the frigid temperatures. During the test, the man stumbled several times into the wall, and was cited for multiple infractions.

Wednesday, January 8


3:44 pm – To the 100 block of Rebert Pike on a traffic stop, where the driver was cited for traveling 36 in a 20 mph school zone.

5:13 pm – To E. Main St. on a traffic stop. The officer noticed a vehicle driving with a very loud exhaust, and conducted a traffic stop. The driver was found to have no driver’s license, and had a warrant for failure to pay child support, and cited.

Thursday, January 9


9:02 am – To S. Xenia at Rebert on a traffic stop. The officer observed a vehicle traveling south on S. Xenia, and ran the license plate, discovering that the driver had a suspended license. The driver was cited for driving under suspension.

Friday, January 10


12:26 am – To Rebert at Brunswick on a traffic stop. The driver was issued a citation for not having a front license plate.

1:35 am – To S. Xenia at Conway on a traffic stop. The driver was issued a citation for having an expired registration.

3:46 pm – To S. Xenia at Stine, where an on-duty officer noticed a car with no license plate turn left onto Stine without signaling. A stop was initiated, and the driver was found to have no driver’s license. The passenger was asked for his ID, and said he did not have one, nor could he remember his SSN. The officer said most adults remember their SSN, and tend to conveniently forget if they have a warrant. The passenger told the officer he was mentally retarded as a child and bad with numbers. The passenger later admitted to the officer that he had a warrant out of Springfield for concealed carry and breaking and entering. The passenger was arrested, and the driver was cited.


Saturday, January 11


1:45 am – To Caddington at Arnold on a traffic stop. The Enon officer requested assistance because several occupants were inside the car, and one was known to have warrants out of Springfield. As one of the officers was attempting to walk the suspect to the police cruiser for questioning, the suspect took off running. The officer demanded that he stop or be stopped, to which the suspect replied “bring it on!” The officer apprehended the suspect ten feet later, and placed him under arrest. He was transported and booked into the Clark County Jail for his warrant of receiving stolen property and forgery, as well as resisting arrest.

3:39 pm – To Enon Rd. at the I-70 overpass on a traffic stop. An Enon officer observed a truck pull out of the Enon Drive-Through on Enon Road, and ran the truck’s plate. It was discovered that the driver was driving under suspension, and cited.

Sunday, January 12


12:30 am – To Enon Rd. near Speedway on a traffic stop. An officer noticed a driver run a red light, and conducted a traffic stop. The driver was cited for failure to obey a traffic control device.

1:41 am – To S. Xenia at E. Main on a traffic stop. The officer noticed a car make a turn without using a turn signal, and initiated a traffic stop. The driver said he was driving home from the Enon Eagles, and the officer asked if he had consumed any alcohol, to which the driver replied that he had a few beers hours before the stop. The officer conducted a field sobriety test, and was found to not be intoxicated, but cited for expired plates.

7:47 pm – To Dayton Rd. at Marion Dr. on a traffic stop. The officer noticed a driver turn right at the red light, and conducted a traffic stop, citing the driver for failure to obey a traffic control device.

8:43 pm – To Speedway, where an officer ran the license plates of a car and discovered the driver to have an expired license. The driver said they had paid all fines, and believed they were valid. The officer ran the plates again and found it to be expired, so the driver was cited.