Monday, December 23
1:55 pm – To the 5300 block of Hunter Rd. on a report of criminal damaging to a vehicle.  The deputy was advised to contact the homeowner in reference to the homeowner’s car being damaged.  The resident advised that he was currently in Florida, and advised deputies of a window of dates during which the vehicle could have been deliberately damaged.  One of the windows of the car had been broken out, but the resident had no suspects in mind.

Tuesday, December 24
2:56 am – To the 4600 block of Caddington on a report of damage to a vehicle.  The caller told deputies that someone had punched out the driver’s side door lock on her vehicle.  She said no items were missing, but that the act could have been a retaliation for the caller contacting the sheriff’s office sometimes during her delivery route due to incidents that occur.
3:40 am – To Pleasant Valley, where a man called the sheriff’s office to request a welfare check on a woman.  When deputies arrived, they spoke with the woman who told them that she was not suicidal and that she had not attempted suicide.  She told the deputy that her soon-to-be ex-husband likely called them in an attempt to create a history of mental instability on her part.  Upon contacting the husband again, he told deputies that someone had told him the woman was at the hospital with self-inflicted stab wounds to her throat, although the source of that information was never substantiated.
10:23 pm – To the 900 block of Old Mill Rd. on a report of a male bleeding heavily from his nose.  The man and his friend had been playing around when the man’s friend accidentally kicked him in the face.  Mad River Township treated the man at the scene. No charges were filed.

Wednesday, December 25
8:30 pm – To the 3800 block of Dayton Rd. on a domestic violence call.  The woman said her brother became sarcastic with her as she reprimanded her children, and when she told him that she continue to reprimand them if necessary, her brother became very argumentative and began throwing dishes at her.  She said he then left the residence so she locked the door, which he then kicked in. She filed charges, and the brother was arrested on domestic violence threats.

Thursday, December 26
1:46 am – To the 2300 block of Fairfield Pike on a domestic violence call. A woman reported that she and her boyfriend began to argue, saying that he was jealous of her talking to another man while they were at a bar that night.  Both of them appeared to be highly intoxicated, but no threats of violence were reported. The man kicked in the front door of the home, but since he had established residency there, nothing could be done. The man left the home without incident.
10:09 pm – To the 4400 block of Joy Dr. on a report of vehicle vandalism. The caller said someone had broken out one of the windows on his car, but that he knew of no suspects.

Friday, December 27
7:34 am – To Lower Valley Furniture on a report of batteries being stolen from one of their delivery trucks.  The employee said once the manager arrived, they would try to obtain the security footage.
1:21 pm – To the 6600 block of New Horizon on a report of damage to a vehicle. The window of a truck was busted out with a gun or some other sort of projectile. A report was filed.

Saturday, December 28
12:30 pm – To the 4600 block of Dayton Road, where a man accidentally laid down a dirtbike as he was riding it.
5:38 pm – To the 3600 block of South Tecumseh Road  for a 911 misdial. Upon arrival, the deputy spoke with a man who advised that he and his wife had been arguing because she had been unfaithful.  He advised he accidentally hit the emergency button on his phone, not because he felt threatened. The couple then began to argue in the presence of the deputy, who advised that one of them should leave for the evening to cool down. The wife volunteered to leave for the night.
9:00 pm – To the 700 block of Old Mill for a hit-skip automobile accident.  A vehicle was traveling south on Old Mill when another vehicle struck the car on the driver’s side near the rear tire.  The driver of the second car then backed up and left the scene, traveling north on Old Mill. That vehicle is described as a white, lifted pickup truck.